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As a second language

On a recent trip to India, we organized a special meal event at Anandhagar Orphanage in Kolkata, in the state of West Bengal.  The children aged 4-18 welcomed us with warm smiles and a radiance of love emanating through their eyes.  However, despite their vibrant appearance, it was revealed that the children are living with HIV and receive ongoing medical care at the campus.

We interacted through music, food, and cultural activities; but language was a barrier.  Although they attend public schools, English is not part of the educational curriculum.

Imagine childhood without parents or resources.  Now envision growing up and sustaining a living in a country with 1.359 billion people, and competing in the labor age market of 0.86 billion; but without a proper education!

Out of concern for the children’s sustainable future, we are initiating an after school program, to include English as a second language to be offered on campus by English teachers geared for specific age groups.

We need your help to prepare these children living with HIV to become proficient in English in order to sustainably compete in the marketplace as they mature to employment age.  You can help with this English Initiative now and become an opportunity generator.  Your support is instrumental in solving this problem because the children’s future in in our hands; what they do with it, is in theirs.

Your tax-deductible donation will help to orient a child’s trajectory towards a greater potential for success.

Thank you for acknowledging this urgent priority with your generous support.  Your donation will be invested to accomplish this important education objective.


Dr. Nader Zadi
President & Co-founder