Dr. Nader Zadi

Dr. Nader Zadi
Co-Founder, President & CEO
Dr. Nader Zadi is Co-Founder of WOM and serves as President and Chief Executive Officer.


At nine years of age, he was abruptly displaced to a foreign country and separated from his parents for three years, and by age 17, had alreadylived in four countries. Frequent attempts to acculturate, combined with adverse experiences; gave him a deep appreciation for the value of stability during childhood. When peers were jumping rope, he was school hopping; none of which engaged his undiscovered talents. “Conventional teaching was designed for a job; whereas my blueprint pointed towards an artistic enterprise. Imagine a program that attends to children who are so inclined. The innovators of the future must be invested in, today.”

Dr. Nader Zadi is an accomplished entrepreneur, designer, and founder of two companies; earning an eminent reputation for excellence.

He holds a doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology and is currently authoring a book and soon to publish a compilation of poetry penned during the dark ink days of life. He conducts transformational leadership training and affiliates with business owners, helping them establish a distinguished platform withinin their respective fields.

“A child’s vision is powered by wings for lift; joined by a tail for stability. Most flap but rarely fly. Some hover while others soar. We must invest in the wingless visionaries, so that when they look down, we see them smiling.” – Dr. Nader Zadi

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